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To a story teller

old records, communities, historical societies, food and travel are essential tools; and people and their stories are the most important elements. 

Hope you enjoy some of my discoveries as I embarked on the adventure of writing my stories.

Scenes from my father's town and genealogy records

The documents were from the St. Michele Arcangelo in Platania, CZ, Italia. There was no photocopier so Mark took pictures with the camera. These church records go back to the 1700s. The buildings are those of my father's village and the surrounding area. There is one of a small stone farmhouse in the exact area where he was born. Even today, the area is a remote and rustic setting. The only way into it is on foot.

Foods of Italy

Italian regional food traditions have been exported around the world. Pasta, pizza, lasagne, gnocchi, pesto, and gelato are but a few of the traditions now found everywhere.


In our kitchen, we still keep alive the recipes brought over to America in my mother's head when we came from Calabria.  My husband and I have been fortunate to have traveled extensively and we always try the local fare, but invariably we find great Italian fare wherever we go. From Japan to Australia, New York to California, the British Isles to Germany and everywhere in between, we seem to gravitate to a thriving Italian restaurant where the simple food is simply delicious,  and our mood and spirits are revived, restaurants serving welcoming portions of camaraderie, good living, and friendship.

Just a few scenes from our extensive travels in Italy

There is so much to see and do in Italy. If you think about it, on the East coast of the USA something 400 years old is considered old. On the west coast 200 years is old. In Italy, people are still living in buildings dating back from the 1100s. In fact, the background of my website is the dome of the Pantheon in Rome built in 120 AD, and still in use today as a church open to the public.  Now that's old!

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